Catfish, Wings & Things

When Catfish, Wings & Things opened in 2009 those involved prayed for the restaurant to help as many people as God saw fit to bring to their doors. The charity restaurant was started through the ministries of Faith Tabernacle of Praise in Biloxi. The church membership vowed to make the restaurant a place where 100% of the profits would go toward another ministry they had begun, the Women’s Resource and Empowerment Center.
The WREC, as it is called, is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that helps women and their children by providing them with a place to stay, one-on-one counseling, resume and job assistance, food, clothing and rehabilitation help. The WREC is not a shelter but rather a place that gives women the hope and all-around assistance that they need to provide for themselves and their children.
Women who come to the center are required to get a job so the volunteers at WREC work with them diligently to see that they have the resume, clothes, transportation and child care needed to fulfill this requirement.
Some women arrive at the center with little more than the clothes on their backs and a broken heart. Often they have been the victims of abuse, layoffs or are simply unable to provide for their families because of the rising cost of housing, gas prices, food and general necessities. The church saw this great need in their community and stepped up to fill the voids left by the few agencies that were available.
By opening Catfish, Wings & Things, the church was able to put some of these women to work and teach them job skills and a great work ethic that would help them get a better job down the road. To look at the restaurant you would never think that it is different than any other eatery on the coast. The staff is very friendly and the food is amazing! Everything from Gulf Fresh Shrimp Po-boys to mouthwatering barbeque and full dinners can be had for a fraction of what some restaurants charge.
Football party platters are all the rage because CW&T does takeout and it’s as easy as picking up the phone and driving to their door. You can get in and out in a flash. I think that’s part of the appeal that the locals find refreshing during their rushed lunch hours. The accommodating staff will even deliver within a limited area.
CW&T just remodeled to include a dining room where guests can sit and enjoy the free Wi-Fi and the down-home cooking of chefs Jody, Charity and Mr. Mac. They use only trans-fat free oil in all their dishes. You won’t find any pretentious plates of “vertical” food or tiny bites of pate’ on a fancy cracker here. What you will find are hearty portions of delicious southern creations that make you feel comforted and welcome. The sign says, “Down home cooking…just like mama makes it!” and they are right.
Sandra Taylor, Program Director, says it best, “It is through a vision that God gave our Pastor that we have the WREC and CW&T. Our mission is to help the most vulnerable women and children in our community, the homeless. It is through the grace of God that we have been able to help numerous homeless women and their children move from homelessness to self-sufficiency and independence as well as regain hope, self-confidence and a positive outlook on life. We thank everyone in the community that has shown support and visited CW&T.”
Catfish, Wings & Things is located at 1680 Pass Road near Keesler gate 7 and there is a WREC Thrift Store located at 1013 Pass Road in Gulfport. CW&T is open Mon-Thur from 10-7 and Fri-Sat 10-8. You may call the wonderful crew at 228-435-3339.


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