JAN. 2013 – Letter from our Editor

2013-JAN-GTPM.inddDear Friends,

Welcome back as we kick off 2013.
We bring you another exclusive look into the the despicable practice of human trafficking. Guest journalist, Ann Washburn returns with an extensive report that will shake you to the very core. Brace yourself for this one! Go To Places Monthly dares to go where no publication has gone before so you know the truth about the ongoing sex trade on the Gulf Coast. Biloxi police officer, Sgt. Aldon Helmert, is our Mover and Shaker figure for the month of January. He is an exemplary leader in the the fight against the human trafficking of minors.

This edition of GTP is bursting with important and timely information about what affects us all under the new Obama administration, as well as ways to live “greener” this year.

Then come with us to the wonderful little hometown bar in downtown Gulfport, Kilted Kelly’s! It is one more jewel in the crown of restaurant properties owned and operated by Executive Chef and television personality, Rob Stinson.

All This…And So Much More!

Nancy Marchbanks
Executive Editor

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