Kilted Kelly’s Sports Pub

Kilted Kelly Logo-sig“If you don’t know Kelly’s, you don’t know Jack!” is the buzz line for Kilted Kelly’s Sports Pub in downtown Gulfport. The vision of Jack Krongard, the developer of the building that houses the bar /restaurant, and his wife, Kelly, Kilted Kelly’s is a sports bar like no other on the Coast. The building, adjacent to Lookout Steak & Seafood, is rife with history and Jack made sure to keep the over 100 year old buildings charm intact when he renovated. Jack worked closely with Chef Rob Stinson, Denis Trochesset, Cory Fazzio and Chad Henson to create a sports experience and not just another boring bar.
From the spirited lady bartenders to the fabulous dining fare, this place is the hottest new spot on the Coast. Kilted Kelly’s is open late, has a full service liquor selection, large flat screens, pool tables, video games and much more. One of the best parts of this innovative place is that it’s not a dark and overly loud or smoky place to be. The lighting provides a nice ambiance and you don’t have to shout at your friends over the music.
All the bartenders are women clad in form-fitting, black bustiers and tartan plaid skirts. Some of the ladies admit that the uniforms took a little getting used to but said that they feel like a second skin after a while. While the uniforms cover, they also remind people that it’s not what’s bare that is sexy but what’s left to the imagination that often piques interest.
The cooks create dishes right in front of the guests at the end of the open and airy bar. Table service allows folks to watch sports while sipping drinks and leisurely talking with friends. Choose from crunchy seasoned fries with ½ lb burgers or great chicken sandwiches loaded down with fresh condiments and crispy bacon. Finally, a cheese stick that won’t get your shirt full of crumbs or your fingers full of grease! They have to be the best on the Coast.
No, the men working in the pub aren’t wearing kilts (YET!) but they are a lively bunch none the less. Wednesday is ladies night with 7-midnight select well and wines free for the female partiers. Tuesday is free pool and there are daily food specials. Ask about the $5 burger baskets and try the ooey-gooey, large Jalapeno Poppers.
The artisan beers provide the perfect accompaniment to anything you choose for your meal. With over 50 truly unique beers to choose from it’s easy to see why Kilted Kelly’s is a Coast favorite. Ask for your Kilted Kelly’s Beer Card when you go because this special promotion really gets you something special in the end. As you try the various beers they have on tap, the servers punch your card. When you have tried all 50 beers you can exchange the card for a one-of-a-kind shirt that puts you in a special elite group of Kelly’s friends. These shirts can NOT be bought. You have to earn them by taking the time to taste every on-tap offering.
You’ve no doubt become familiar with Lookout Steak & Seafood, Salute Italian, and Back Bay Restaurants. Now try the latest great hot spot to join the team, Kilted Kelly’s Sports Pub located at 3101 26th Avenue just down from Lookout.
You can find Kilted Kelly’s on Facebook and checkout their website at

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