Toarmina’s Pizza – Home of the 24″ Pizza

156927_523065601036984_1392026973_nToarmina’s opened in Long Beach two years ago and the locals love the taste and the fact that everything is homemade. The Gauci family had lived in Michigan years ago and always ordered their pizza from Toarmina’s. They knew the pizza and subs were the freshest and best so they contacted the folks at Toarmina’s.
The Gauci’s set up a Toarmina’s franchise, ran with it and never looked back. The food at the Long Beach location went over so well with the locals there that they decided to open a store in Gulfport. In December of 2012, the doors to the Gauci families second Toarmina’s opened to a waiting town full of folks that love true Italian cuisine.
Joseph Gauci manages the new hot spot and says that the people who come in are already like family. “I love being able to build a clientele that really loves our food. We want to know them as people and feed them the best. I’ve been cooking since I was a little kid. It’s all fresh and I make sure that every person who comes through the doors is treated like part of our family,” Joseph said.
The mozzarella is grated fresh, the meats are cooked fresh and the marinara sauce is Josephs’ grandmothers’ recipe. You won’t find frozen veggies or dried out bags of bacon bits shoved in a dark pantry. The bacon is fried to perfection just like the sausage. The bread dough is made every morning and risen right there in the kitchen. None of the bland, processed ingredients will do for a Toarmina’s pizza. Since the Toarmina’s came here from Italy, and had a reputation for excellence, it only seemed right for the Gauci family to want to put forth the freshest creations possible.
Joseph and his staff take phone orders, make deliveries and even cater events all around the local area. The most exciting pizza by far for us was the HUGE 24” Seafood pizza. Loaded with a rich and creamy sauce, this goliath of Italian delight will feed your crowd in style. Laden with shrimp and crawfish, it is our pick for tailgating in style.
If you ever wonder what to have for dinner and want great food that you don’t have to labor over, just call Joseph and he’ll whip up a pan of lasagna for you to pick up on the way home from work. Order the cheesy garlic knots with your pan of perfection! They are mouth-wateringly good!
When only a salad will do, check out the Antipasto, Greek, Chef or Chicken salads. Pair one with an oven-baked sub sandwich or the tangy barbecued ribs. Platters of chicken wings are available too!
There is always a special on the menu and you can even get fresh baked cinnamon sticks that come like a big roll of ooey-gooey sweetness on a plate.
Try Toarmina’s the next time you want fresh Italian goodness. The Gulfport restaurant is located at 1982 East Pass Road and the Long Beach store is at 229 Klondyke. Call 228-897-9119 in Gulfport or 228-863-1684 in Long Beach. The Gulfport location is open 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday.

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