Coast Radio Group Bryan Rhodes and Lisa “Momma” Vee

E069ver wondered what it would be like to be a DJ? Well, for Bryan Rhodes and Lisa Vee, it’s just like being at home. Every morning the duo grabs their “wake up juice,” turns on their microphones and invites the coast to breakfast on Kicker 108. “It’s like having friends over to sit around the kitchen table and chat,” says Lisa aka “Momma Vee.” “We’re just like all the other ordinary folks on the coast. We have families, work, homes and our times of tragedy and triumph.”
Coast Radio Group, owners of Kicker 108 and other stations are proud to be able to say that Bryan and Momma are the only local country morning team on the coast. Bryan is a 30 year veteran of the company and Lisa has worked for them for a combined 24 years. They both wear more than one hat at CRG. Bryan is the Program Director and Operations Manager and Lisa is Production Manager. That means that when they get up at 3 a.m. to be on the air from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. they still have a lot of work to do after they turn over the microphone to the next DJ.
Coast Radio Group owned by Morgan Dowdy, employs 5 full time DJ’s and a couple of part timers to cover all the shifts that are required to fill the airwaves. In addition to Kicker, CRG owns and operates Coast 102, Z95.3, WROA 1390 AM and WGCM 1240 AM. Steve Spillman is the Sales Manager and says that his 25 years in the business has been a real thrill. “I love this work and these people!” Spillman said.
Bryan and Momma have been doing the morning show on Kicker for over 7 years and they have put down roots. “When it’s time to get on the air, anything going on in your life that puts you in a bad mood has to be put on hold and left at the door. You hang up your problems and become and actor for a while. Even with that said, we still try to just relax and be ourselves. Even if that means we cry or get the giggles on the air,” said Lisa.
When the two first teamed up to do the morning show, it wasn’t easy for Lisa to go from being a single act to being a sidekick. “It takes time to get a combo going that works. We still step on each other on occasion,” Said Lisa. They also say that they try not to be “announcers” but rather vary up the show with humor and current events.
Bryan, who holds an Associate’s Degree in Broadcasting from Holmes Junior College, was born in Canton, MS. He has an 18 year old daughter, Kelsey that attends MGCCC at the Jefferson Davis Campus and a son, Kenny. Kenny is married to a beautiful lady named Jamie and together the two have a 6 year old son called Little Kenny.
Lisa was born in Ohio but was reared in St. Petersburg, Florida. Her only daughter, Savanna is an 18 year old high school student who will graduate this May. She is employed at Sweet Peppers Deli and plans to attend cosmetology school at MGCCC, Jefferson Davis Campus, in the Fall.
The stations at Coast Radio Group have many live, on-air shows but also rely upon taped segments to fill out their time slots. You can catch Lisa as a solo act on Coast 102 from 7 p.m. to midnight and Bryan on Z95.3.
Locals love a deal and with Coast Radio Group they get it! The 3rd week in March is when the wildly popular Social Security Sweepstakes starts. This contest gives folks a chance to win money twice a year just by having the last four digits of their social security number match the randomly drawn number called out on air. Listen daily for more exciting promotions and contests in the next few months.
No matter what genre of music you prefer, Coast Radio Group has you covered. The ever popular afternoon drive guy for Kicker 108 is Scott Beard who can also be heard on Coast 102 and Z95.3 Listen to Super Dave on Coast 102, Pat McGowan on Coast 102, Kicker 108 and Z95.3 and Wayne Rogers every weekend on Kicker 108.

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