Beauvoir The Jefferson Davis Home & Presidential Library Historical Cemetery Tours and More

FEMA_-_37532_-_Restored_Jefferson_Davis_home_^quot,Beauvoir^quot,_in_MississippiBeauvoir, The Jefferson Davis Home & Presidential Library, will be spicing up the history journals with live character reenactments on October 8, 2013 in preparation for the Fall season on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. As the last home of Confederate President, Jefferson Davis, Beauvoir holds many fascinating connections to the South’s past.
Here is your chance to immerse yourself and your kids in the rich history of this national historic landmark that we hold so dear. As you begin your tour of the Confederate Cemetery on the grounds of Beauvoir, stop first at Varina’s Garden and learn the history of the massive home and quiet grounds surrounding the mansion.
Meet the long ago Beauvoir Mascot, Polly the Mule, and listen to the story of Polly (played by Gracie the mule) as spoken by her owner, Susan Hagan. Follow the cemetery gate keeper on a stroll under the mighty oaks to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and on to the graves of men such as John Gammill, Samuel Hankins and James Allen.
As you travel back in time you will meet the characters played by local volunteers. Get to know Mary Ann Fuller, portrayed by Tina B. Johnston, who was a widow to 8 husbands. You will enjoy letting your imagination run wild as you shake hands with the 17 year old boy who portrays the Unknown Soldier buried on the grounds. Could he have been a long lost relative of yours?
This tour is not a scary cemetery event and is perfect for teaching your children a little more about the history of this beloved home we call Beauvoir. Ask the volunteers to tell you about Beauvoir when it was a Confederate Veterans Home and how the historic property has changed since it was built in 1848.
Another chance to delve into the past will come October 19th and 20th at the 27th Annual Fall Muster. Open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for those two days, Beauvoir and the local Sam Davis Chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans will offer live and exciting reenactments at 2 p.m., a recreation of Sutlers Village, train rides, artillery demonstrations and mansion tours.
Vendors will be on hand to sell handmade arts, crafts and food. Visit the theater room and the gift shop while you’re there and pick up copies of books and souvenirs that you just can’t find anywhere else.
Don’t forget one of the most beautiful times at Beauvoir is during the Christmas season. Mark your calendars to visit Father Klaus’ workshop and model train exhibit while you spend an evening listening to fabulous music and taking photos under the sparkling, light-covered oaks Thursday’s through Sunday’s, starting November 7th and ending January 5th.
For more information or to volunteer, please contact Michelle Rodriguez or Kali Beavers at 228-388-4400.

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