Month: November 2013

Nov. 2013 – Letter from our Editor

110113Hello Again Everyone!
Welcome to our November issue of GTP. It’s a beautiful time of year on the Coast and I hope you and your loved ones are enjoying every minute of it!
We are delighted to introduce you to the Chief of Police for Moss Point, Keith Davis. His inspirational story will undoubtedly move you. He has given a new lease on life to a very troubled city.
District 4 Supervisor, Troy Ross, is our Mover & Shaker for the month of November. He serves our country with distinction in the National Guard and presides over all things Jackson County.
105 miles of unspoiled wilderness is waiting for you in Moss Point at the Gulf Coast Gator Ranch! Tour swampland and marshes teaming with exotic wildlife and come meet the Gator Boys from the Animal Planet hit show. We will tell you all about it here!
This is the 30th Anniversary of Ron Meyer’s Christmas City, there are lots of surprises this year including a performance of the Nut Cracker!

All This…And So Much More

Nancy Marchbanks
Executive Editor


DSC_0005(touched_up)Chief Davis is from Byram, Mississippi which is just outside of Jackson. He is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi, majoring in Criminal Justice and Forensic Science. The horrific experience of losing his father to violent crime as a little boy, set the tone for his career in Law Enforcement. “I remember when we got the phone call about my father’s murder and right then and there I made the decision to become a policeman and I promised my mother that we would see justice served,” Davis said. It was a very tough time growing up without a father but it also provided Keith Davis with a unique perspective about life and the importance of good role models and proper guidance for kids. In the process of building his career in law enforcement, Davis discovered that reaching out to troubled youth and finding ways to make a difference in their lives was a very powerful calling that he could not deny. (more…)


troy-rossjpg-fa044e8a9e095451Troy Ross enjoyed an idyllic childhood, growing up in Ocean Springs. He has wonderful memories of riding his bicycle down Washington Avenue and taking his dogs for walks throughout the charming little town. “It was long before downtown became such a popular, tourist attraction. I have a unique perspective having seen the area before the transformation took place,” he said. He attended St. Alphonsus Elementary school and graduated from Mercy Cross High school before attaining his degree in Political Science at Ole Miss.
In the summer of 1997, Ross enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and was sent to San Diego, California where he began his combat training. Upon returning to Mississippi, he entered college and became a member of the ROTC program during Junior year. He later transferred into the National Guard and joined the SMP program. It is a simultaneous membership which allowed Ross to go through the commissioning process of ROTC while he was enlisted in the National Guard. Ross graduated and was commissioned becoming a Tank Commander and Scout Platoon Leader. Officer training continued in Fort Knox, Kentucky. (more…)

Ron Meyers Christmas City 30th Anniversary

logo2You’ve never seen Christmas City like this! Since it’s inception in 1983, Ron Meyers Christmas City Gift Show has drawn crowds and vendors from across the U.S. This 30th Anniversary Event promises to be the biggest and best show ever. There will be over 300 booths, filled with thousands of unique and unusual gifts to choose from. This is the one place where you can get everything on your Christmas list in just one weekend. (more…)

Project Homeless Connect

VLogoJPGProject Homeless Connect is coming to the Donal Snyder Community Center at 2520 East Pass Road in Biloxi on November 22nd from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. This is an invaluable resource day for homeless persons in the area.
Items that will be handed out include bug spray, batteries, socks, underwear, flashlights and bottled water. Breakfast and lunch will be provided to those who attend the event. Financial services, haircuts, health screenings, housing information, social services and cat and dog health exams and vaccinations will be on tap. Homeless persons will also receive VA assistance, resource information, personal hygiene items, supplies and much more.
Homeless persons in the area can ride one of the Coast Transit Authority buses for free on fixed routes to get to and from the event. (more…)

Gulf Coast Gator Ranch

gatorAdventure and excitement await you and your family at Gulf Coast Gator Ranch in Moss Point, Mississippi. Owners Curtis Silver and Allan Adams have teamed up to bring you wildlife thrills and close up encounters that will have you on the edge of your seat.
This family owned and operated business sports 105 acres of unspoiled wilderness that you can see from the comfort of an air boat. Tours of the swamplands and marshes are conducted every half hour so you’ll never have to wait long. (more…)