Movie Review – Lone Survivor

020114.gtp12b BY: Robby Baskett

“Six times three?” From the first words spoken on screen, you are hooked. The film opens with a brief look into a culture not known to most civilians – a glimpse at what goes into making a Navy Seal.

The story follows the true story of four Navy Seals, Marcus Luttrell (Wahlberg), Michael Murphy (Kitsch), Danny Dietz (Hirsch), and Matt ‘Axe’ Axelson (Foster) on a mission just outside a small village in Afghanistan and everything that unfolds. As the title alludes to, you prepare yourself for the worst.

As the characters are introduced on base, you get to see their relaxed side. You meet their betting side, their camaraderie side, and their joking side. Then, you see how quickly they get to business. Pay close attention as they eat breakfast outside, the real life, Marcus Luttrell makes a cameo as “Frankie,” a fellow Navy Seal.

Nothing seems to go right almost directly from the beginning of the mission. From failed communications to a run-in with locals, tough decisions have to be made. And as these decisions are made, this true story unfolds. The moment Luttrell (Wahlberg) “punches” his time card, the fight begins. And for the next forty plus minutes, the Taliban comes in waves and in force. As soon as you come up for a breath, and you think they are safe, a bullet flies by. Then another. And another.

When all is done, you will probably have lost track of time. And as the credits begin to roll, you realize again what you just watched was based on a true story. The director, Peter Berg, did a phenomenal job!


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