Month: February 2014

4th Annual (NO) Trash Bash A Night of Recycled Fashion


Don’t throw away those newspapers and plastic bags! Your recyclable trash could be just what you need to create the most amazing fashions the coast has ever seen.

The 4th Annual (NO) Trash Bash will be held on Wednesday, March 19th at 6 p.m. at the Bay Saint Louis Community Center on Blaize Avenue. All you need to compete is an eye for design, the heart of an artist and, of course, a little trash. (more…)

FEB. 2014 – Letter from our Editor

020114.gtpHello Everyone!

Welcome to our brand new, fresh and forward, Go To Places Monthly. Thanks to our design manager, Jonah Blum, you can now actively participate in every issue through facebook! Post articles, ideas, commentary and pictures – be a part of all the stories we bring to you! Let us know what you think, let us know what you want to know about. Partner with us and let’s see what happens, it is going to be a very exciting year.
This month we bring you a guided tour of the magnificent adoration chapel that recently opened in Biloxi at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church. Find out how this labor of love came to be through the fearless determination of their pastor and the tremendous generosity of the parishioners.
Meet Larry Sablich, Port Manager for the City of Biloxi, who is our February Mover & Shaker. He has the enormous task of presiding over all the Biloxi fishing piers and harbors yet actually knows most fishermen who come and go by name.
Parents be sure and check out the article on Upward Sports. They partner with churches all over the country to provide the safest, most enjoyable sports programs for your kids. Registration for soccer is going on right now.
Nancy Marchbanks
Executive Editor


020114.gtp4Until very recently, the pastor of Our Lady of Fatima in Biloxi was Father Paddy Mockler. He has always been a man of vision, a man who makes things happen, and he has always had a tremendous following. He is a charming gentleman who is well known for his ability to rally support for whatever is most near and dear to his heart. One such desire was to have an adoration chapel built on the grounds of the church, and it would be an extraordinary place of prayer and worship. (more…)

Larry Sablich, City of Biloxi Port Manager

020114.gtp8aWhen Larry Sablich was a kid, growing up on Porter Avenue in Biloxi, he never dreamed he’d one day be managing so many important parts of the seafood industry on the coast.

Biloxi is in his blood and this special part of the world is where he has chosen to settle and grow his loving family. If you’ve ever known anyone from “da point” (Point Cadet) then you know what a unique breed multi-generational Biloxians can be. (more…)