Draft Day

OR_Draft-Day-2014-movie-Wallpaper-1920x1440First, you do not have to be a devout football fan to enjoy this movie. And second, Kevin Costner brings it to the screen like he usually does. No surprise there.
Each year the NFL Draft gains more and more popularity with football fans across the world than years past. And with this movie, it makes the draft all the more intriguing. Draft Day (2014) follows a handful of NFL teams at the draft and the hours leading up to.
The story centers on the NFL team, the Cleveland Browns and general manager, Sonny Weaver (Kevin Costner). From the beginning, Sonny (Costner) is catching it from every direction: players who want to be drafted by the Browns, coaches, current Browns’ players, girlfriend/coworker, and Sonny’s mother. With all that, Sonny (Costner) is also under fire from Browns owner, Mr. Molina (Frank Langella). Basically, if Sonny (Costner) doesn’t make a “splash,” then he will ultimately lose his job. From one deal to the next, you begin to wonder if Sonny (Costner) has lost it and is making nothing but desperate decisions that will definitively affect everyone’s job and the unfortunate demise of the Cleveland Browns.
By the time the draft begins, Sonny (Costner) has gambled away all of his chips for one player. We will soon see if it pays off for Sonny (Costner) or not. At the NFL Draft, each team has ten minutes to make each pick. The clock is literally ticking against Sonny (Costner) and the Cleveland Browns.
Draft Day (2014) is rated PG-13 for brief strong language and sexual references.
Cast: Sonny Weaver Jr. (Kevin Costner), Vontae Mack (Chadwick Boseman), Ali (Jennifer Garner), Anthony Molina (Frank Langella), Coach Penn (Denis Leary), Earl Jennings (Terry Crews), Ray Jennings (Arian Foster).