Month: July 2014

Letter from our Editor – JULY 2014

070114Hello Everyone –

Wow! This is such an exciting time on the Coast! There is so much going on, especially in beautiful downtown Biloxi. We proudly introduce two brand new, one-of-a-kind businesses that are going to change South Mississippi forever. Read all about it in our July issue and get to know the local entrepreneurs who are making a huge difference in the Vieux Marche.

Cono Caranna, III is the new General Manager of the White House Hotel. The stately, elegant property is being lovingly restored to its original grandeur and will soon open under his leadership. Find out why GTP has selected Cono as our July Mover and Shaker!

FEB Distributing could not be more proud of Craft Brand Manager, Aaron LaFrance who just became the first Certified Cicerone in the state of Mississippi! Aaron shared his fascinating journey with GTP. Congratulations Aaron!

Come with us as we go to the Mississippi Charter Boat Captain’s Deep Sea Fishing Challenge! It runs from July 11th through August 17th and it is FREE to all participants. Nancy Baker Faul has all the information.

Nancy Marchbanks
Executive Editor


1383734_593422054055068_17327377_nKress Live is housed in a 20,000-square foot building that is steeped in history. Its namesake, Samuel H. Kress, was a department store pioneer and avid art collector in the 1900’s. It is being lovingly and painstakingly restored to reflect the extensive and eclectic history of music that helped shape the city of Biloxi as well as the entire state of Mississippi. This remarkable place is located in the Vieux Marche, at 814 Howard Avenue. The summer will kick off an illustrious parade of musical talent that will be showcased at the one-of-a-kind Kress Live venue.
The owners of Kress Live, Chase Taylor and Nick Quave, have been friends since they were kids and they grew up right here on the Coast. They have traveled all over the world and visited some of the most luxurious and well cultured destinations. They had numerous opportunities to pursue ventures in larger markets but have always had a vested interest in the Mississippi Gulf Coast. After the economic downtime following Katrina and the BP oil spill, Chase and Nick felt that someone from their generation needed to make things happen, take risks, and develop something brand new. “The Coast was lacking energy. This culture was in need of a transfusion. We began to look into concepts that could create the spark that we needed. The concept would have to inject new blood into Downtown Biloxi and evoke new emotions for our community. Art and music are the revolution that will inspire growth for this area. We wanted to revitalize the Coast,” Chase said. It was very important that the concept embody a strong connection and love of the Coast while paying homage to the culture of music and art. The dream began almost 3 1/2 years ago. (more…)


photo-4Mark Garriga and Stacy Ely are partners in life and partners in business. An adorable couple you can’t help but like and their enthusiasm is infectious. They recently opened a brand new business venture in the historical Vieux Marche District in beautiful downtown Biloxi and it is a concept that has never before been introduced on the Gulf Coast. You could say they are pioneers of sorts! Welcome to Rejuvenation Station…sit back, relax, and enjoy because you are really going to like it here.
Rejuvenation Station is a wellness spa that specializes in IV infusion therapy. Although new to the Coast, it is an extremely popular practice used all over the country! It is a favorite “pick me up” used by athletes in every professional sport. It is a marvelous way to rehydrate the body and lift the spirits. IV infusion therapy is one of the safest and most effective methods to provide wellness, a new surge of energy, relief from illness and pain, and a sensation of overall comfort. If you have never tried it…you owe it to yourself to do so. Mark and Stacy have created a very special environment that envelopes you in southern charm and warmth the moment you walk through the front door. This is an experience for all the senses! You deserve to pamper yourself and enjoy the almost instantaneous affects of the many healthful choices available at Rejuvenation Station. (more…)


imageA Certified Cicerone is an expert in beer culture who possesses an encyclopedic level of knowledge of beer. These rare individuals can assess beer quality and identity by taste and aroma. A Certified Cicerone has a detailed knowledge of retail beer storage and service. They are experts in modern beers, particularly Craft styles, and are exceptionally trained in the brewing processes, ingredients, and pairing beer with food. A Cicerone is to beer what a Sommilier is to wine.
FEB Distributing is incredibly proud of their Craft Brand Manager, Aaron LaFrance, who has just become a Certified Cicerone. In fact, he and another gentleman share the honor of being the first to hold this distinction in the entire state of Mississippi! Aaron has been employed by FEB since September of 2013. “It is a relatively new position at FEB because of the influx of Craft Beer throughout America. My primary focus is the Craft Beer industry and Craft Beer products,” he said. (more…)

Mississippi Gulf Coast Charter Boat Captain’s Deep Sea Fishing Challenge 2014

imageThere’s just no way to explain the adrenaline rush you get when you hook into a monster, salt water behemoth that outweighs you by a hundred or more pounds! Picture yourself on the stern of a beautiful boat, the warm gulf breezes blowing, an ice cold drink by your side and a sturdy rod and reel in your hand. Now see yourself cashing a check for $5000. The two daydreams go hand-n-hand with the Mississippi Gulf Coast Charter Boat Captain’s Deep Sea Fishing Challenge 2014 beginning July 11th and running through August 17th. (more…)


10453306_10203981249956791_2638172104877438891_nCono Caranna was born and raised in Biloxi. He is the son of politician, Cono Caranna II, who served as the District Attorney of Harrison, Hancock, and Stone counties for 26 years. His mother, Connie Mardis, was a civilian computer programmer at Keesler Air Force Base. He traveled quite a bit in his youth, accompanying his father and family during political junkets throughout southern Mississippi. The young boy paid very close attention to his dad’s style and his ease in communicating with the public. He learned a great deal from the experiences. These constant meet and greets became second nature to him and would set the stage for his career in the hotel and casino industry. Cono has always been extremely comfortable in his own skin, and has always loved getting to know people from all walks of life. He has never met a stranger, just like his dad. (more…)

Scranton Museum & Scranton Nature Center

20140417_165016Adventure awaits you this summer at the Scranton Nature Center and the Scranton Museum in Pascagoula. Under the direction of Outdoor Recreation Specialist, Kristi Ducote, the center is a unique place to relax, explore and inform yourself as you travel through the little-known worlds occupied by fascinating creatures and beautiful ecosystems unique to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
Mallory Henderson, Museum Coordinator and Tour Guide, and the dedicated staff and volunteers of the Scranton Nature Center help bring to life the beautiful and often misunderstood wildlife indigenous to our special part of the state. With life-like exhibits covering the large rooms in the Nature Centers building you will be able to see and touch both flora and fauna as your informative guide directs you to each wondrous site. (more…)