photo-4Mark Garriga and Stacy Ely are partners in life and partners in business. An adorable couple you can’t help but like and their enthusiasm is infectious. They recently opened a brand new business venture in the historical Vieux Marche District in beautiful downtown Biloxi and it is a concept that has never before been introduced on the Gulf Coast. You could say they are pioneers of sorts! Welcome to Rejuvenation Station…sit back, relax, and enjoy because you are really going to like it here.
Rejuvenation Station is a wellness spa that specializes in IV infusion therapy. Although new to the Coast, it is an extremely popular practice used all over the country! It is a favorite “pick me up” used by athletes in every professional sport. It is a marvelous way to rehydrate the body and lift the spirits. IV infusion therapy is one of the safest and most effective methods to provide wellness, a new surge of energy, relief from illness and pain, and a sensation of overall comfort. If you have never tried it…you owe it to yourself to do so. Mark and Stacy have created a very special environment that envelopes you in southern charm and warmth the moment you walk through the front door. This is an experience for all the senses! You deserve to pamper yourself and enjoy the almost instantaneous affects of the many healthful choices available at Rejuvenation Station.
Mark Garriga is particularly delighted to be a part of the growth and development of the Vieux Marche, “we wanted to help REJUVENATE the Vieux Marche,” he said. His mother got her first job on Howard Avenue at the age of fourteen, working at a toy store located in the Kress building. The Kress building is just down the block from Rejuvenation Station. His parents met and fell in love on this very street as well. “My mother is always telling me these wonderful stories of her youth and how important this area was in her life, and now I have my own business here. It makes me very happy and proud,” Mark said. He and Stacy threw themselves into renovating their part of the block with beautiful flowering plants and an antique bench that sits outside just across from their front door, under a big shade tree. Huge picture windows frame Rejuvenation Station that brings in the sunshine and accentuates the roomy, open floor plan. “We love doing what we can to add to the beauty of this area and we want everyone to feel right at home,” he said.
The waiting area feels like your own living room. It is comfy and welcoming with touches of southern charm and hospitality every where you look. The first step of your experience involves a form or two but it doesn’t take long. This is standard procedure and must be done to ensure the Registered Nurse is fully knowledgeable about your medical history. There is always a medical staff member at your side during the IV infusion process. If there is any reason why the therapy would not be well suited to you, you will be notified immediately before you start. As a rule, there are only two medical conditions that would be an issue; kidney disease or heart problems. If it turns out that you may not use the IV therapies, you can certainly enjoy a wonderful massage instead. Mark and Stacy have other options available to eliminate stress and restore tranquility. Fees vary by service but everything is very reasonably priced.
Rejuvenation Station has a very different vibe than what you will find in a big city location. Most of them are very clinical and have a sterile and cold atmosphere. The little spa on the Vieux is the complete opposite. The decor, hand picked by the owners from antique shops and specialty stores, is an eclectic mix of interesting accent pieces and weathered wood. It’s also a feast for the eyes as the walls are filled with original art and wonderful paintings by local artists. If you would like to take one home, they are all available for purchase! “We want people to kick back, relax, and enjoy their time with us! We have a common area where customers can sit together and chat while they receive their therapies or we have private rooms as well. You can linger and hang around or you can get in and out very quickly…it’s entirely up to you,” Mark said.
Customers are seated in delicious, over sized, soft, leather recliners while the infusion is administered. It is not uncommon to doze off during the process because of the level of relaxation. The fluids are carefully and closely monitored at all times by a Registered Nurse. The beauty of IV infusion therapy is that the effects are enjoyed very quickly and it lasts quite some time afterwards. You truly feel like a new person, renewed and rejuvenated. It stands to reason why once you try this, you will most likely come back again and again! Stacy and Mark offer several therapy choices and packages as well as a membership plan for $50.00 a month, with no long term contract. Membership affords you the greatest savings and options. “Our prices are incredibly low, much lower than clinics in New Orleans or locations in Florida. We understand how expensive these therapies are in the bigger cities and we know how people struggle with healthcare today. We are proud to be able to meet your IV hydration needs without breaking the bank and without having to visit a hospital for thousands of dollars,” Mark said.
In keeping with the beloved Biloxi theme, therapy specials have catchy coastal names that are easy to remember and hard to forget. “A Day On The Boat” is $60.00, “Ugh! Horn Island” is $80.00, and the “Biloxi Bomber” which is the top of the line is $100.00. Last but not least “Getting Your Feet Wet” is $30 for first time only, local clients including military “because military are locals any where they go in America,” Mark said. All therapy explanations and fees are clearly displayed in the reception area. Therapies include Hydration Fluids, Vitamin B 12, Toradol, Zofran, Pepcid, and Oxygen. You can come and go as often as you like. Appointments are not necessary but appreciated on Friday through Monday. Appointments are required on Tuesday through Thursday and will require a flat rate fee of $100.00 regardless of services selected. Packages help treat a myriad of illnesses and health problems including severe headaches, heartburn and nausea, fatigue and jetlag, flu, and hangovers. Morning sickness during pregnancy can also be alleviated with IV infusion therapy, (always check with your doctor if you have concerns). Oxygen heightens concentration and keeps you alert. It also increases athletic performance and aids in recovery. “There is no better way to rehydrate and return vitamins into the body than with the variety of treatments we offer,” said Stacy.
Mark and Stacy said their business is growing steadily. Rejuvenation Station opened just a short time ago but everyday more and more clients are coming in and are very happy with their experience. They love the personal attention they receive and the wonderful ambiance of the spa. Rejuvenation Station can be found on facebook (The Rejuvenation Station) and online ( Word is spreading very quickly and the buzz is getting very loud about this brand new concept on the Coast. People who are familiar with IV infusion are thrilled they can enjoy treatments locally now and those who are just learning about it, are very curious and eager to try it! Contact Stacy and Mark at 228-229-0512 for more information. “Social media is an amazing business tool and we are so pleased with the exposure but for the most part, word of mouth is our number one advertiser,” Mark said.
Mark’s close friend and fellow veteran, Don Woody “Hollywood” Underwood, will be doing a ‘Meet and Greet” this summer at Rejuvenation Station. He is a cast member of the new show, Game of Arms, on AMC. Woody is bringing along a few of the other professional arm wrestlers for a really fun time with autograph signings and photo ops. “Arm wrestling is huge in Europe and has really caught on in the United States. Game of Arms is entering its’ 2nd season and I never miss it,” Mark said. Woody and Mark served together in the Armed Forces in Fort Hood, Texas in the “Second To None” 1st CALVARY DIVISION. “This was my first introduction to IV therapy. I saw the transformation of guys who were fortunate enough to get it. It was like night and day and I was very anxious to try it as well but I never got the chance back then. Woody was one of the lucky guys who did it on a regular basis.” Mark said and added with a laugh that “Woody always liked to rub it in my face that I wasn’t able to get the IV.”
Living in the deep south presents a number of challenges for our health. Because of the intense heat, we perspire a great deal and lose salts and minerals every day. Dehydration can be indicated by many different symptoms but occasionally no outward symptoms are present until you really do not feel well all over. We need to constantly replenish fluids. IV infusion is one of the best ways to hydrate the body with essential fluids that are lost in extreme temperatures and through physical exertion. When you feel the difference of the before and after, you will be amazed. An infusion or injection of Vitamin B-12 is an incredible boost. You will walk out of the spa feeling like a new person and you will wonder how you ever did without it! In addition, various massages are available that will treat you from head to toe. You choose the time frame, you choose the target area. Calf and foot massage (which can even be done while you are receiving your IV therapy)? Perhaps a deep tissue massage or Swedish massage? It’s entirely up to you. Designer label skin care products by Rodan and Fields (the creators of Pro-Active) along with supplements by Nussentials and Advocare will be available for purchase beginning this month as well. “One of the best ways to beautify your skin is from the inside out. IV infusion moisturizes from within and the result is soft, supple, baby-like skin,” Mark said.
Serious art lovers, Stacy and Mark have incorporated their favorite interest with Rejuvenation Station. Mark said, “this was Marty Wilson’s first art gallery which makes this building itself part of Coast history.” In keeping with that, the spa boasts 3 dozen pieces of original art, all of which are for sale. The first Friday of every month, members only are invited to enjoy another dimension of the spa. Complimentary food and spirits will be served and art appreciation will take center stage. Members will have a great opportunity to make new friends while getting to know a different local artist at each gathering. “This is a very artistic community and we want to be a part of that. We also make it a point to focus on the small businesses in the area. It is so important to support one another and work together,” Stacy said.
The staff will soon include a Registered Dietician, a Licensed Esthetician and Kinesiologist (Specialist in human movement). The Medical Director is Dr. Yadav who practices medicine in Mississippi and Georgia. The owners are looking forward to partnering with the various fitness centers and health clubs throughout the Coast. “We are very anxious to educate the public about IV infusion therapy. People need to understand what it is all about, how healthy it is for the body, and how great it will make you feel. We are so excited to be the first hydration therapy spa on the Coast and especially pleased to be located in the Vieux Marche in Biloxi,” Mark said.
Hours of operation are: Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday from 10:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday are for package appointments only and massage therapy only. Clients must be at least 18 years of age.