Scranton Museum & Scranton Nature Center

20140417_165016Adventure awaits you this summer at the Scranton Nature Center and the Scranton Museum in Pascagoula. Under the direction of Outdoor Recreation Specialist, Kristi Ducote, the center is a unique place to relax, explore and inform yourself as you travel through the little-known worlds occupied by fascinating creatures and beautiful ecosystems unique to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
Mallory Henderson, Museum Coordinator and Tour Guide, and the dedicated staff and volunteers of the Scranton Nature Center help bring to life the beautiful and often misunderstood wildlife indigenous to our special part of the state. With life-like exhibits covering the large rooms in the Nature Centers building you will be able to see and touch both flora and fauna as your informative guide directs you to each wondrous site.
At the top of your list must be feeding the 5 peacocks that live and thrive on the centers grounds. One breeding pair of peacocks has produced the three younger fledglings and they are all quite beautiful to see. It will surely be one of most exhilarating parts of your trip.
hile you’re there, picnic at the pavilion that has 2 outdoor grills, watch the ducks, geese and other birds that live year round on beautiful Whitehead Lake in front of the center and play disc golf at the specially designed course. A live alligator lives in the center and can be studied at a safe distance by all ages.
Let the kids take advantage of the playground, soccer field and take along your fishing poles to catch a few fish.
After your family has taken in the sights at the nature center, hop on over to the Scranton Museum at Pascagoula River Park. See the huge 70’shrimp boat on display or launch your own boat from the boat launch.
Get a better understanding of the world of shrimping by visiting the boat’s wheelhouse, shrimping TED display (TED is short for Turtle Excluder Device) , the galley and the three 100 gallon aquariums. You will notice the shortness of the bunks in the bunk room and the lip that surrounds the galley table that makes it easier to keep track of your plate of food in stormy weather.
Questions are welcomed during the tour and there are many things that will make the “landlubbers” curious. Find out the difference in the types of shrimp in the waters off our beautiful coast and learn how the out riggers function.
Bring your cameras and take as many pictures as you like of the displays, boat and interesting plants that dot the area on the museum grounds. Don’t miss the surprise on the kids’ faces as they are introduced to a fiddler crab and watch the tour guide feed a live gar fish.
Scranton Nature Center is located at I. G. Levy Park at 3928 Nathan Hale Avenue just off Chicot Street and is open from 10am to 5 pm Tuesday thru Saturday.
Both the Scranton Nature Center and the Scranton Museum are run by the City of Pascagoula.
You can call the Nature Center directly at 228-938-6612 or the Parks and Recreation Department at 228-938-2356 for more information.