McCoy’s River, Swamp & Marsh Tours At Pascagoula River Audubon Center

MCCOY_LOGOTake a trip with a family of captains that really know their stuff. Captains Benny, Lynn and Garrett McCoy will be your tour guides through the pristine waters of one of the United States most natural river and marsh systems accessible to humans.
Located at 7001 Frank Griffin Road, the Pascagoula River Audubon Center is a goldmine of nature that is being preserved for all to enjoy. McCoy’s Tours are two hour trips offered year round by reservation. These captains do more than just navigate the waterways. They are certified Master Naturalists! The U.S. Coast Guard certified boats are have comfy, cushioned seats and a covered top for your comfort.
You may see alligators, osprey, nutria, owls, beaver, deer, otter, feral hogs, snakes egrets and all sorts of other wildlife while on the tour. You can book small group (the boat holds 20), birding trips, evening tours, night tours in addition to the daytime outings. It is being reported more and more that manatees are frequenting the lively river and marsh too!
The Pascagoula River is the only place in the world that you will ever see a Yellow-Blotched Sawback Turtle in its natural habitat. They are protected (classified threatened) by the government. They routinely lay their eggs on the sandbars in the area and hatch and raise their young in the quiet, rough and raw marsh.
There is no admission price for the nature center where you will find many exhibits and lots of trails. In Mississippi, we have over 400 species of birds and it is suspected that 327 of those species live on the Pascagoula River.
Construction has begun on a newer and larger center on Arthur Street in Moss Point. You can call the PRAC at 228-475-0825 to book your party, wedding reception or other gathering. Center Director, Mark LaSalle, Ph. D., can be reached at for any questions and further details.
This is a MUST SEE attraction for all educators and students on the coast. Families can bring a picnic and dine under the porch or pavilion while the wildlife scampers about.
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