Monster Subs & Sandwiches

unnamedThe name says it all! Monster sized subs and sandwiches rule in Gulfport. The brain-child of father and son team, Alan and Alex Roberts, Monster Subs and Sandwiches opened around September 15th of this year in an effort to bring a little of Alan’s childhood memories to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

As a teenager growing up in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Alan remembers trips to local fresh sub shops to get the most delicious meals. The meats were always perfectly seasoned and the bread so fresh you thought you were in your grandma’s kitchen.

It is those flavors that Alan missed after moving to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. So, with a prime location chosen at 1223 30th Avenue in Gulfport, Alan and his son, Alex, set out to serve the locals their version of monster subs and traditional New York style deli sandwiches.

The first thing you will notice when you walk in is the cleanliness and open-to-the-kitchen feeling you get. As you order you will soon realize that this is no ordinary sandwich joint.

The meats are carved to order right in front of you and then the giant treats are assembled as you watch. The specially fine-tuned recipe for the bread was created by long hours of working with Bay St. Louis Wal-Mart Bakery Manager, Donna, to give the subs their unique texture, density and flavor.

Once your loaf of bread is split, there is a specific way the ingredients are stacked to give your order stability. First, the sliced cheese goes on the opened loaf and then a huge portion of meat of your choosing. Next, the fresh veggies are mounded atop the meat and….wait for it….. MORE MEAT! Yes, it’s like protein heaven.

You could easily feed two on the Monster Sub for only $10.75. What is the best about the huge portions is that they come with a very reasonable price.

You can build your own meal with any combination of roast beef, turkey, Genoa salami, ham, Capacolla, tuna salad or chicken salad and then add Swiss, Gouda, American or provolone cheese. If you love rye bread, Kaiser rolls or croissants, they have that too.

You can eat a NY style Reuben, Rachael, corned beef, pastrami or even a muffelletta right there in the deli. Dress your sandwich with sweet peppers, cherry peppers, Gambino Brothers olive salad, Zaterains Creole mustard sauerkraut or any number of the other wonderful topping that Monster offers.

Pair your sandwich with Barq’s root beer in a bottle or an ice cold Coke from the drink fridge. Choose a bag of baked jalapeno or vinegar and salt chips and top off your meal with a Klondike bar or frozen Snickers. Now THAT is a deal anyway you look at it!

The dining room boasts 2 televisions and there is a French Market coffee station to help round out your experience. On the wall by the coffee station guest notice a memorial plaque area dedicated to police, fire and military persons who have given their lives in the line of duty. Alan says that this wall of honor is open to all agencies who would like to post remembrances. All they have to do is call him and make the arrangements.

One young customer who ordered the Monster Sub sat down with wide eyes at the sight of the giant sandwich and took a bite. Immediately, the entire dining room heard her exclaim “This is the BOMB!”

If hotdogs are your thing then Monster has that covered too! They proudly serve Nathans ¼ lb. dogs and the spicy hot dogs that used to be sold at the Saints games in New Orleans. Many people loved those dogs and now you can find them again at Monster Subs and Sandwiches in Gulfport.

Speaking of football, Alan and Alex will gladly make your tailgating or party easier with party platters where you choose the toppings, meats and breads to make your get together a hit.

You can call the Roberts family at 228-206-5920 or fax them at 228-206-5929. If you need more details, go to