Foundations in Gulfport

Foundations-Professional-Bra-Fitting-final-W--de-lisMelissa Logos, Owner of Foundations in Gulfport, is bringing her special talents to ladies who need help. Foundations opened October 23rd of this year and the word is getting out that Melissa is offering free bra and foundation fittings for women from sizes 28 to 52 and cup sizes A to K.
The focus is primarily on full figured and full busted women that need their lingerie to fit properly. Foundations is also finding a large number of ladies that need mastectomy bras and accessories so Melissa is providing that too.
From camisoles and underwear to special cleansers and soaps for your lingerie wardrobe care, Foundations give you the best and largest variety around.
If you are trying to think of a perfect Christmas gift, this is the place to go. When you purchase a $75 gift card for the lady in your life, you will get a free linen soak to stuff in her stocking!
Most women in the U.S. are wearing the wrong size bra. Up to 85% of all women have no idea what their true size is. To help these ladies, Melissa went to a special fitting course where she obtained her certification from Eveden Limited National fit specialists. She is also going to Tampa, Florida soon to get her certification in mastectomy products.
Pretty nursing bras and bras that don’t look like your granny’s old cotton nightmares are special areas that Foundations finds a needed market for here on the coast. “My daughter and I are hard to fit. I want to make someone feel better, beautiful and confident. I’m so excited! I knew Foundations would have an impact on women but I never dreamed the reactions would be so incredibly strong,” Melissa said.
Part of finding the right bra or accessory for your wardrobe is matching it to the outfit you need to wear it with. For the special occasions that arise, Melissa will work with entire wedding parties to insure the ladies all look their best. Breast enhancements, fashion tape, nipple concealers, clear and blingy bra straps are all right there in the store for you to match you’re your outfit. Private bridal showers and any occasion parties can be held at the store to help everyone get the most out of their money, planning and time.
Special orders are done all the time too. They carry products by Elomi, Fantasie, Freya, Notori, Anita and Royce. Whether you need a sports bra or a fancy, lacy, knock your hubby’s socks off teddy, this is the place to go. Backless and strapless fashions for those formal New Year’s Eve dresses are flying out the door and the Commando “Better than Bare” seamless panties are available in a wide range of sizes. (Hint! Those Commando panties will make your thin pants and skirts look flawless!)
For mothers of tween and teen girls, this place is uplifting, discrete and amazing!!! There are educational tips for young ladies that only someone in the business of lingerie can provide. And let’s face it moms, if you are planning to have your little girl grow into a proper young lady, isn’t it about time you consider introducing her to some private things about herself and all women that will help her not only grow as a person but will bring her confidence and joy along the way?
Spring, bra-sized swimwear is on the way soon too!
You can follow the specials and announcements for Foundations online at or on Facebook. You can call Melissa with any questions at 228-896-3688.