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Draft Day

OR_Draft-Day-2014-movie-Wallpaper-1920x1440First, you do not have to be a devout football fan to enjoy this movie. And second, Kevin Costner brings it to the screen like he usually does. No surprise there.
Each year the NFL Draft gains more and more popularity with football fans across the world than years past. And with this movie, it makes the draft all the more intriguing. Draft Day (2014) follows a handful of NFL teams at the draft and the hours leading up to. (more…)

Review: NON-STOP (PG-13)

Non-Stop-2014-movie-Wallpaper-1280x800The film has received a mix of good reviews and some less than stellar reviews from the beginning of it’s release. If you are a Liam Neeson fan, an action fan, and you like mysteries and aircraft then this is the film for you. If you are someone who uses a line of logic to determine the actual worth of film, then I urge you to bypass the full ticket price and go straight to RedBox for a couple bucks. (more…)

The Lego Movie

downloadTwo Lego Hands up! This movie is nothing but fun, fun, fun. I often found myself laughing along with the children at the silly jokes. There is definitely a great sense of innocence with this movie, but there is also a clear underlining theme as well. Good vs Evil. Normality vs Creativity. Adulthood vs Childhood. Singularity vs Teamwork. Let’s not forget the spectacular flow of graphics and the all-star cast that all come together to create this fantastic piece of art. (more…)