Katrina 8 Years Later

logoIt is hard to believe that the 8th anniversary of hurricane Katrina is here. Those of us who experienced Katrina and lived to tell the tale have much to be thankful for. Many of us lost everything, many lost their lives, and non of us will never be the same. It was a life changing moment in time yet we discovered we were stronger and more resourceful than anyone could have imagined. We learned how to survive during the most dire of circumstances. We reached out to one another with love and compassion and everyone truly cared about their fellow man. We discovered that the value of personal possessions means very little in the grand scheme of things and that faith means everything.
As horrific as Katrina was and as deep as the scars will forever be, there was actually a silver lining to the monster storm of 2005. The advancements and beautification are evident up and down the entire coastline. Cities are still healing, repairing and rebuilding but they are coming back bigger and better than before. Our leaders have done their utmost to restore our beloved Mississippi Gulf Coast and they deserve our thanks. Tremendous progress has been made and there is great of optimism for the future. (more…)



Jamie Miller 1Jamie Miller is the Executive Director of the DMR and he is responsible for overseeing all operations which encompasses several divisions. The Department of Marine Resources became a state agency in 1994. It is lead by Miller and a five member commission. The DMR manages all marine life and public trust wetlands and adjacent uplands. The agents monitor all recreational and commercial fishing and provide education in these areas. Conservation and preservation of land also falls under the jurisdiction of the DMR. They are the regulatory arm and keep watch over all coastal development as it relates to coastal waterways and the marine environment. A marine patrol of approximately 50 officers share the duty of enforcing local fishing regulations. Inspections of seafood processing plants takes place on a regular basis as well. “The DMR is in charge of the research that goes into understanding our environment and marine resources that we have here, as well as setting policy and laws and enforcing those laws all along the Gulf Coast,” Miller said. (more…)

Atlas Takes MMA Action to New Heights

AtlasFightsLLCLogo_v2Atlas Fights produced their first fight in February 2009 at the IP Casino Resort Spa which was promoted as “USA vs Brazil.” The contract was for one fight but because it was so successful, the IP executives wanted to arrange another Atlas event right away. The original business plan was to feature USA fighters against fighters from other countries but the expenses were prohibitive. Atlas went back to the drawing board. It was from this shift of the business plan that brought about the new brand,”Cage Rage.” The new Atlas brand was the perfect name and illustration for the big, rough and raw excitement of MMA. Atlas was off and running, ready for it’s second event at the IP with “Cage Rage 1.”
Cage Rage 1 brought in a huge crowd of crazed MMA fans and blew the lid off the IP. Atlas was offered the opportunity to sign a multiple fight deal at the venue that started it all. The casino wanted to feature an Atlas MMA event once per quarter. “We had evolved into a full fledged MMA promotional company and from that moment on, Atlas Fights took on a life of it’s own. “We are very grateful to the IP for it’s early faith in us. Thanks to the IP we were able to open our doors and bring this new kind of entertainment to the Coast,” owner Glenn Mattina said. With the success of the “Cage Rage” series, other opportunities for the Atlas Fights brand began. (more…)

Great Southern Club

The Great Southern Club is where fun meets elegance. Perched high atop the Hancock Bank Building in downtown Gulfport is the Great Southern Club. Amazing views abound in the dining room and ball room. The private club is open to non-members in the ballroom and banquet hall where the lights of the city can be breathtaking by night and the scenic landscape can seem to go for miles in the daylight. (more…)

CIGGY OUTLET – Roll Your Own

If you are a smoker you’ll want to listen closely to the words of this article. You can now save up to 50% on your cigarettes! Go to Places has found a store where you can save money and feel better about yourself doing it. There is a new shop in town called Ciggy Outlet where you can get premium cigarettes for half the cost of your regular name brands.
Ciggy Outlet is a franchise owned by Neo Lin. Mr. Lin has two stores in Florida and one in Biloxi. The latest craze in the cigarette community is the roll your own and save money phase. Sandy Lin, Neo’s sister, manages the store located at 280 Eisenhower Drive next to Hobby Lobby. A most welcoming and informative lady, Sandy will let you try different tobaccos and filters until you have found the one that is the perfect blend for your taste.
Although the shop has only been open about a month, they have regular customers that swear by their products. The tobacco is very fresh and grown only in the United States and purchased from American Cooperatives that American farmers sell to. It is blended in the U.S. without the addition of chemicals. Its quality that you can see and pure tobacco flavors you can taste. (more…)

The Milner Building Historic and Beautiful Offices Available

It seems like Downtown Gulfport has had new life breathed into it in the past few years. There is a definite attention being paid to historical detail and architectural quality that makes the city look much more appealing and enticing than it had years ago. Being the second largest city in the state, Gulfport is home to many businesses that prosper. Truly beautiful office spaces, in the downtown area, are hard to come by but we’ve found a place where history and quality have joined together in perfection. The Milner Building has a new 2nd floor space that is 4400 sq. ft. of pure historically detailed excellence.
These office spaces are light and airy with neutral and wood tones that make it a wonderful spot for medical or therapy based offices. The natural integrity was preserved by the owners, Gulf Coast Restaurants, LLC, and by builder/partner Jack Krongard. (more…)