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Christmas In The City. Biloxi Main Street

christmas-in-the-cityDowntown Biloxi will once again don it’s holiday finery and roll out the red carpet for the most beloved family event of the year, Christmas In The City. Biloxi Main Street is your host for this wonderful holiday treat which takes place on Saturday, December 6from 10 a.m until 4 p.m. The Biloxi Downtown Arts District is the place to be for a Christmas experience like no other. You and your loved ones will enjoy one-of-a-kind shopping, round the clock entertainment, and traditional holiday food and drink. Executive Director of Biloxi Main Street, Kay Carter, said that the Arts District is the perfect location. “The event compliments the businesses on Rue Magnolia and Water Street so beautifully and the decorations are so special. Over the years we tried various locations throughout downtown but nothing fits as well as the Arts District,” she said. The Rue Magnolia is transformed into a charming Christmas village that will make you feel like a kid again.
The celebration begins in the evening on Friday, December 5, with the Children’s Parade and the lighting of the Town Green at 6:00 p.m. The best viewing of the parade is on Lameuse Street. There is nothing that sets the tone of the holiday spirit quite like the Biloxi Town Green when it is decorated with thousands of Christmas lights. It takes several weeks to set up the decorations and hang the lights but the result is truly magical. During the entire month of December, guests can stroll through the holiday wonderland and enjoy it’s sparkle and rainbow of colors. At the conclusion of Christmas In The City on Saturday evening, December 6, Christmas on the Water Boat Parade begins at nightfall. This event is unique to the Coast and there is nothing as extraordinary as sitting along the shoreline to watch these beauties gently roll by. The boat owners spare no expense to decorate each craft. Imaginations run wild as they find wonderful ways to deck the halls on their beloved boats. Downtown Biloxi is a showplace of Christmas pageantry throughout December and must not be missed. (more…)

Combatting Human Trafficking in Mississippi: The Net is Widening

HT-Pic-678x1024This year, four Biloxi men were arrested for selling a child into sexual servitude. A Biloxi couple faces prison for forcing a women into prostitution. A Jackson man is serving 23 years in prison for selling a 4-year-old child into prostitution. A Meridian man is serving 50 years for kidnapping and drugging a Hattiesburg teen and forcing her into prostitution. Two teenagers were rescued from a Ridgeland hotel where they were sold by a couple for sex acts to patrons and transported to other locations for the purposes of prostitution. A New Orleans woman was convicted of prostituting several teenagers from her home where she kept them locked up and battered. (more…)

A Pet’s Memory, The First Open Door Pet Crematorium on the Coast

petsmemorylogo2The death of a loved one is an inescapable part of life. Those of us who are completely devoted to our pets, feel the pain and loss as deeply as when a fellow human being passes on. It is a time of confusion, sadness, and often disbelief. It is a time when we need the compassion and caring of others, especially those who truly understand what we are going through. The owners of A Pet’s Memory Pet Funeral Home and Crematory, Linda and Glynn Sumrall, understand. They will provide your beloved companion with ultimate respect and gentle care. You can rest assured that your pet will be given a dignified and personal memorial, that will make you proud as well as help you through the grieving process. (more…)

HOME OF GRACE 2014 RIDE & FESTIVAL With Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant

The Home of Grace needs you! The wonderful people that work diligently to help those with various addictions now need your help. By supporting their valiant efforts you will be investing in the lives of those in your community and beyond.
This year’s Home of Grace Ride is presented by Ingalls Shipbuilding and will have the governor of the great state of Mississippi Phil Bryant and his wife, Deborah, leading the way! All proceeds will benefit the Home of Grace Addiction Recovery Scholarship Program.
We contacted Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant, the HOG Ride founder, to get his views on this year’s ride, Home of Grace and to get his view on what this ride and festival means to him. Here is what the governor had to say:

Q. You must get hundreds of requests for your participation in events. Why do you, a busy public servant, choose to take the time to be a part of this event? Q. How did your office come to be involved with the Home of Grace and this event?
I believe in the work that Home of Grace does and have participated in the HOG ride before. In fact, I rode in the inaugural HOG ride in 2010 when I was Lieutenant Governor and had Gov. Mike Huckabee join me. I also rode in last year’s HOG ride. (more…)


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We searched high and low for the top 20 FREE things to do on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and came up with some interesting places and activities for all ages. When most locals want to do something free of charge they think of fishing, hiking, beach combing, hunting and camping. We thought we’d take it a step further and seek out those things that you may have not considered.

Here is a list (in no particular order) of the Go To Places Monthly top 20 picks for the summer of 2014:



1383734_593422054055068_17327377_nKress Live is housed in a 20,000-square foot building that is steeped in history. Its namesake, Samuel H. Kress, was a department store pioneer and avid art collector in the 1900’s. It is being lovingly and painstakingly restored to reflect the extensive and eclectic history of music that helped shape the city of Biloxi as well as the entire state of Mississippi. This remarkable place is located in the Vieux Marche, at 814 Howard Avenue. The summer will kick off an illustrious parade of musical talent that will be showcased at the one-of-a-kind Kress Live venue.
The owners of Kress Live, Chase Taylor and Nick Quave, have been friends since they were kids and they grew up right here on the Coast. They have traveled all over the world and visited some of the most luxurious and well cultured destinations. They had numerous opportunities to pursue ventures in larger markets but have always had a vested interest in the Mississippi Gulf Coast. After the economic downtime following Katrina and the BP oil spill, Chase and Nick felt that someone from their generation needed to make things happen, take risks, and develop something brand new. “The Coast was lacking energy. This culture was in need of a transfusion. We began to look into concepts that could create the spark that we needed. The concept would have to inject new blood into Downtown Biloxi and evoke new emotions for our community. Art and music are the revolution that will inspire growth for this area. We wanted to revitalize the Coast,” Chase said. It was very important that the concept embody a strong connection and love of the Coast while paying homage to the culture of music and art. The dream began almost 3 1/2 years ago. (more…)


photo-4Mark Garriga and Stacy Ely are partners in life and partners in business. An adorable couple you can’t help but like and their enthusiasm is infectious. They recently opened a brand new business venture in the historical Vieux Marche District in beautiful downtown Biloxi and it is a concept that has never before been introduced on the Gulf Coast. You could say they are pioneers of sorts! Welcome to Rejuvenation Station…sit back, relax, and enjoy because you are really going to like it here.
Rejuvenation Station is a wellness spa that specializes in IV infusion therapy. Although new to the Coast, it is an extremely popular practice used all over the country! It is a favorite “pick me up” used by athletes in every professional sport. It is a marvelous way to rehydrate the body and lift the spirits. IV infusion therapy is one of the safest and most effective methods to provide wellness, a new surge of energy, relief from illness and pain, and a sensation of overall comfort. If you have never tried it…you owe it to yourself to do so. Mark and Stacy have created a very special environment that envelopes you in southern charm and warmth the moment you walk through the front door. This is an experience for all the senses! You deserve to pamper yourself and enjoy the almost instantaneous affects of the many healthful choices available at Rejuvenation Station. (more…)