Mississippi Artist


Mayfest Logo 2013Ocean Springs businessman, Arturo Barajas, has been hosting May Fest for seven years now. He does it for one reason, and one reason only…it brings him joy. He revels in seeing families stroll the streets of Ocean Springs, happy and safe. He is a music afficionado who loves all genres and eagerly gives bands the opportunity to shine and showcase their talents. May Fest also gives an array of mixed medium artists the beautiful setting in downtown Ocean Springs, where they can display and sell their work. The quaint little shops and charming restaurants that line the streets of downtown are open during the event with sales galore. Guests are welcome to “pop” in and dine or shop at their leisure. The day is packed with wonderful entertainment and great fun for all ages. The event kicks off with a 5 K run on Friday, May 10th, then shifts into high gear the next day beginning at 10:00 a.m. Late night is just for the adults with “after party” action at many of the OS bars and nightclubs. (more…)

John B. Mayes: Art Creates Culture

When local artist, John Mayes, begins a new project, it’s like an intense game of cat and mouse. Mayes turns and manipulates his creations with the skill of a surgeon and the soul of a poet. When I visited his studio in d’Iberville, I was met with the smells that all artists know. The scents of fresh sawn wood, heated raw metal, plaster and sweat mixed with paint permeated the tiny shed where Mayes brings the impossible to life. From a few small pieces of leftover counter top corian the artist quickly turns out a sculpture of undersea life that is bound for a wealthy client’s private gallery. (more…)

Drawing with Stitches A look at Textile Artist Suzanne Weidie

Art is the ability to express beauty in symbolic ways.  Whether it is a bronze sculpture, an oil painting, or an interesting piece of hand-made paper, the ways to express the beauty around is endless.  Everyone is an artist in some way, and everyone is a patron of the arts in some way.  Most likely, we began our appreciation of art the very first time we picked out our own clothes from the closet. (more…)