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Jesus and Santa

test1With Christmas fast approaching, we tried and tried to think of a very special subject for our December Movers and Shakers. Two very special names kept popping into my mind; Jesus and Santa.
Now, I know that the two bring about individual and quite personal thoughts for each of us, especially at this time of year. The air turns crisper, the decorations fill the store shelves and prayers for snow in the south fill our dreams. But I wonder, how will you spend your Christmas day and what does it mean to you and your family? You can tell us your story on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear how your family celebrates the season. Feel free to share your photos with us too!
I watched my husband reading his Bible by the crackling fire last night and my memory drifted back to the time I first learned that there were people who didn’t believe in Jesus or the story of the first Christmas. I was about 8 years old and a classmate at school said that Christmas wasn’t a “Jesus thing” it was just a day when kids got whatever they wanted from Santa. (more…)


dustinWe spoke with Pastor Dustin Boles of Mosaic Church in an effort to better inform our readers of his deep commitment to the people of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and to give you his perspective on what role the church plays in today’s culture.

A. The story of my calling is pretty simple. I did not grow up in church and had a very negative view of church and Christianity in general. This was partly due to ignorance of what Christianity really was and partly due to my experiences with those who professed to be believers who lived in a way that seemed nothing like what they said they believed.
A fine Christian man once told me that “having a relationship with Jesus is not based upon how good or bad we have been (that was a relief!!!). Our relationship is based upon the historical fact that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and rose again on the third day. Anyone who puts their faith/trust in Him is saved. (more…)

Steve Moore Assistant Fire Coordinator for Harrison County Fire Service

DSC_4761We see them every day as we live out or lives in relative peace never thinking that a day may come when we will need them in our time of crisis. They are men and women we pass on the street, quietly going about their daily routine as we barely notice. They are the ones we call “hero” when they come to our rescue. They are young, old, often burley and bold. Some are our neighbors and friends and some are strangers whose compassion knows no end.
The firefighters of Harrison County Fire Service fit this description but are quick to be humble when put on a pedestal. The Assistant Fire Chief for Harrison County, Steve Moore is just such a man whose career of service to his community spans nearly 40 years.


imageA Certified Cicerone is an expert in beer culture who possesses an encyclopedic level of knowledge of beer. These rare individuals can assess beer quality and identity by taste and aroma. A Certified Cicerone has a detailed knowledge of retail beer storage and service. They are experts in modern beers, particularly Craft styles, and are exceptionally trained in the brewing processes, ingredients, and pairing beer with food. A Cicerone is to beer what a Sommilier is to wine.
FEB Distributing is incredibly proud of their Craft Brand Manager, Aaron LaFrance, who has just become a Certified Cicerone. In fact, he and another gentleman share the honor of being the first to hold this distinction in the entire state of Mississippi! Aaron has been employed by FEB since September of 2013. “It is a relatively new position at FEB because of the influx of Craft Beer throughout America. My primary focus is the Craft Beer industry and Craft Beer products,” he said. (more…)


10453306_10203981249956791_2638172104877438891_nCono Caranna was born and raised in Biloxi. He is the son of politician, Cono Caranna II, who served as the District Attorney of Harrison, Hancock, and Stone counties for 26 years. His mother, Connie Mardis, was a civilian computer programmer at Keesler Air Force Base. He traveled quite a bit in his youth, accompanying his father and family during political junkets throughout southern Mississippi. The young boy paid very close attention to his dad’s style and his ease in communicating with the public. He learned a great deal from the experiences. These constant meet and greets became second nature to him and would set the stage for his career in the hotel and casino industry. Cono has always been extremely comfortable in his own skin, and has always loved getting to know people from all walks of life. He has never met a stranger, just like his dad. (more…)


photo 4Our experiences in childhood become the foundation of how we develop into adulthood and the kind of people we become. Quite often the stage is set for the path we will follow yet we are completely unaware. Lynda Favre grew up in a loving family in Arkansas and traveled quite a bit with her two brothers and her mom and dad. In 1992 they moved to the Coast from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. “I only figured out a few years ago that we were homeless up until I was about twelve years old, but as a child I had no idea what was going on,” Lynda said. She and her family lived in cars, lived with relatives and friends on occasion, and lived in campsites. It was a very difficult situation but because they were always together, it felt safe and Lynda grew up happy. She didn’t know or understand the hardships, she understood they were poor but somehow her father always made it work. “We went to school, we always had something to eat, clothes to wear, and my parents always did the very best they could,” I thought everyone lived like we did and ignorance was bliss, “ Lynda said. (more…)


caillavetparkwithlightglow450dpiIn 1996, the Texas Rangers released Barry Lyons during the latter part of Spring training. He had other opportunities available which included returning to AAA baseball but his heart just wasn’t in it anymore. He was eager to go out under his own terms and finish his career in the Major Leagues. Going back home for some much needed R & R was the first order of business. That same summer, Lyons was approached by a local independent league franchise just south of Nashville to play ball and manage the team. He was very interested in the management opportunity but did not want to do both. “I wanted to move forward and my days as a player were behind me. It was time to try something new,” he said. Barry Lyons served as manager for one season but then was hired by the Cincinnati Reds to be a manager in their organization for the next two seasons. (more…)