New Business

Foundations in Gulfport

Foundations-Professional-Bra-Fitting-final-W--de-lisMelissa Logos, Owner of Foundations in Gulfport, is bringing her special talents to ladies who need help. Foundations opened October 23rd of this year and the word is getting out that Melissa is offering free bra and foundation fittings for women from sizes 28 to 52 and cup sizes A to K.
The focus is primarily on full figured and full busted women that need their lingerie to fit properly. Foundations is also finding a large number of ladies that need mastectomy bras and accessories so Melissa is providing that too.
From camisoles and underwear to special cleansers and soaps for your lingerie wardrobe care, Foundations give you the best and largest variety around.
If you are trying to think of a perfect Christmas gift, this is the place to go. When you purchase a $75 gift card for the lady in your life, you will get a free linen soak to stuff in her stocking! (more…)


Downtown Gulfport has a new reason to shine. High Maintenance Hair Salon is a welcome addition to the area, located at 1625 25th Avenue. The beautiful property is steeped in history. Built in the 1940’s, it was actually the first fire department in the city of Gulfport! Owner, Jean Gillan, is thrilled to be a part of the revitalization of downtown. “I love the New Orleans style of my building with the huge open floor plan, exposed beams and original brick, it is exactly what I always imagined my salon would look like,” she said. (more…)

Stadium Collection Outlet


Have you ever been to a football game or tennis match and thought about buying a t-shirt, team logo cup or hat and just didn’t do it? But after you got home, you kept thinking about that one special item and now you regret that you didn’t purchase it. Oh well, the stadium is closed and those high quality items are gone. You can’t just go back and get them, right? Well, partially right. (more…)

CIGGY OUTLET – Roll Your Own

If you are a smoker you’ll want to listen closely to the words of this article. You can now save up to 50% on your cigarettes! Go to Places has found a store where you can save money and feel better about yourself doing it. There is a new shop in town called Ciggy Outlet where you can get premium cigarettes for half the cost of your regular name brands.
Ciggy Outlet is a franchise owned by Neo Lin. Mr. Lin has two stores in Florida and one in Biloxi. The latest craze in the cigarette community is the roll your own and save money phase. Sandy Lin, Neo’s sister, manages the store located at 280 Eisenhower Drive next to Hobby Lobby. A most welcoming and informative lady, Sandy will let you try different tobaccos and filters until you have found the one that is the perfect blend for your taste.
Although the shop has only been open about a month, they have regular customers that swear by their products. The tobacco is very fresh and grown only in the United States and purchased from American Cooperatives that American farmers sell to. It is blended in the U.S. without the addition of chemicals. Its quality that you can see and pure tobacco flavors you can taste. (more…)

Cades Country Corner

You can feel it when you walk in the door. There is a unique aura of times gone by that fills you with nostalgia and a yearning for days long past. The foyer area is filled with antiques and baubles that bring back memories of childhood and of grandma’s attic in the springtime.
Cades Country Corner is chock full, from floor to ceiling, with things hand-picked by a man who has been searching the country for all things interesting since he was a young boy. Dan Cade watched his mother run a similar business when he was younger and he says that it just came natural for him to become a “picker”. “I love old things and I’ve wanted to have a store like this all my life! I lost a lot of things in Katrina so making this store happen now means so much to me” Dan said. (more…)