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1383734_593422054055068_17327377_nKress Live is housed in a 20,000-square foot building that is steeped in history. Its namesake, Samuel H. Kress, was a department store pioneer and avid art collector in the 1900’s. It is being lovingly and painstakingly restored to reflect the extensive and eclectic history of music that helped shape the city of Biloxi as well as the entire state of Mississippi. This remarkable place is located in the Vieux Marche, at 814 Howard Avenue. The summer will kick off an illustrious parade of musical talent that will be showcased at the one-of-a-kind Kress Live venue.
The owners of Kress Live, Chase Taylor and Nick Quave, have been friends since they were kids and they grew up right here on the Coast. They have traveled all over the world and visited some of the most luxurious and well cultured destinations. They had numerous opportunities to pursue ventures in larger markets but have always had a vested interest in the Mississippi Gulf Coast. After the economic downtime following Katrina and the BP oil spill, Chase and Nick felt that someone from their generation needed to make things happen, take risks, and develop something brand new. “The Coast was lacking energy. This culture was in need of a transfusion. We began to look into concepts that could create the spark that we needed. The concept would have to inject new blood into Downtown Biloxi and evoke new emotions for our community. Art and music are the revolution that will inspire growth for this area. We wanted to revitalize the Coast,” Chase said. It was very important that the concept embody a strong connection and love of the Coast while paying homage to the culture of music and art. The dream began almost 3 1/2 years ago. (more…)


6The craft beer market has exploded and it is particularly popular on the Coast. Beer drinkers love the unusual, daring new flavors. People are intrigued and want to try them, curiosity is at an all time high. Craft Beer has shaken up the status quo in a big, big way. The industry welcomed a new kid on the block in 1991, New Belgium Brewing out of Fort Collins, Colorado. It is nestled next to the Cache La Poudre River. Fat Tire Amber Ale arrived on the scene to rave reviews and with great anticipation. It is just one of their many, unique and distinctive brews you can find right here in South Mississippi. Each is quite memorable for color, body, and aroma, and the variation of flavors is like nothing you ever tasted before. An added bonus on each bottle and can is the wonderful, whimsical artwork that New Belgium is also famous for. (more…)

Atlas Takes MMA Action to New Heights

AtlasFightsLLCLogo_v2Atlas Fights produced their first fight in February 2009 at the IP Casino Resort Spa which was promoted as “USA vs Brazil.” The contract was for one fight but because it was so successful, the IP executives wanted to arrange another Atlas event right away. The original business plan was to feature USA fighters against fighters from other countries but the expenses were prohibitive. Atlas went back to the drawing board. It was from this shift of the business plan that brought about the new brand,”Cage Rage.” The new Atlas brand was the perfect name and illustration for the big, rough and raw excitement of MMA. Atlas was off and running, ready for it’s second event at the IP with “Cage Rage 1.”
Cage Rage 1 brought in a huge crowd of crazed MMA fans and blew the lid off the IP. Atlas was offered the opportunity to sign a multiple fight deal at the venue that started it all. The casino wanted to feature an Atlas MMA event once per quarter. “We had evolved into a full fledged MMA promotional company and from that moment on, Atlas Fights took on a life of it’s own. “We are very grateful to the IP for it’s early faith in us. Thanks to the IP we were able to open our doors and bring this new kind of entertainment to the Coast,” owner Glenn Mattina said. With the success of the “Cage Rage” series, other opportunities for the Atlas Fights brand began. (more…)

7 Steps to Hosting a Safe New Year’s Eve Party

If you’re hosting a party this New Year’s eve, you have a lot of duties: menu planning, decorating, and securing entertainment. But don’t overlook your most crucial responsibility: keeping your guests safe
Alcohol is the common thread in New Year’s Eve partying. It’s also a factor in four in 10 deadly car crashes. Young people are especially at risk. Alcohol-related highway crashes are the leading cause of death for teens and the young – but no one is immune. (more…)


Big Mike’s is doing nightlife in a BIG way! Located in downtown Gulfport, just off the beach, on 14th Street, the atmosphere is captivating and inviting. Whether you choose to laze on the porch and sip a mint julep or belly up to the bar and chat with friends over an ice cold martini, you will be amazed at how homey and old-world the feeling is.
Owner, Amy Tennyson, is bringing her southern Florida charm to this local hot spot. The bartenders are professionals that can mix up whatever you desire while making you feel at home with their down to earth ways. (more…)


By: Nancy Baker Faul
The Mississippi Coast Coliseum will be transformed on April 20th to the 24th for one of the most spectacular shows you will ever have the chance to see. Alegria will bring their performers to the coast for 5 days of death-defying acts, heart-pounding thrills and seemingly impossible feats of amazement. The show is indescribable and hard to imagine if you have never seen the magical moments in person. (more…)


It’s not every band that’s still staking out new musical territory and embracing fresh challenges more than 23 years into their career, but that’s the case with Blues Traveler.  Having long ago graduated from the jam-band underground to mainstream stardom, the iconoclastic combo has consistently stuck to its guns and played by its own rules. (more…)

Upstairs Down Stairs, 33 Years and Still Going Strong


Picture yourself living on “The Point” in Biloxi in 1977. Elvis is still the king and casinos didn’t exist in this quiet little southern fishing town. When the work day was done, and the sun seemed to sink into Gulf; everyone searched for excitement and yearned to hear the sounds of a live band playing in the night.  The Mattina brothers were paying close attention and decided to open a new club…actually two clubs in one!  The Downstairs came to be in September of 1977, and on New Years eve, The Upstairs opened it’s doors for business as well. Downtown Biloxi would never be the same. Glenn Mattina, Sr. and his brother Nick, worked hard to make their dream of a really high-class nightclub come into being. The building they chose was already rife with history from 1909 on. The concept was to have 2 clubs in one. The Upstairs opened with ‘Biloxi Packing Company’ taking the stage with Dave Duddley at the helm. Locals and military flocked onto the dance floor and the ‘joint was jumpin’ until the wee hours of the morning. Every week there was a new band slated to play. (more…)