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Dippady Do Children’s Spa: Where Princesses (and Princes) Go to Party!

Inside the west entrance of Edgewater Mall, the sweet smells of bubble gum and brown sugar will lead you right into a magical and unique salon called Dippady Do Spa. And this isn’t just any spa… it’s a spa and salon just for children. From the mountains of beautifully handcrafted hair bows to the brightly painted furniture, this is a place to take your child for a day of pampering and preening. The brain-child of owners Brenda Blount and Cecelia Shabazz, Dippady Do Spa offers more than just services that focus on the outer beauty of a child, but also their inner beauty. (more…)

Warning Signs of Anorexia: Recognizing Anorexia Signs in a Loved One

If you think that a loved one may be suffering from anorexia, it is important that you try to recognize key warning signs of anorexia in order to help that person receive treatment as soon as possible. Anorexia nervosa is an extremely dangerous and potentially life threatening disorder that can also lead to other dangerous conditions. If you recognize that a friend, family member, or child is showing anorexia signs, it is important to take the proper steps to help them begin professional eating disorder treatment and begin the path to recovery. (more…)

A Non-Surgical Face Lift?

An Introduction to Non-Invasive Tissue Tightening:

Of the new choices of skin tightening procedures, the two that are best known are the proprietary procedures are Thermage and Titan. While these two treatments utilize different proprietary technology, the idea is essentially the same, in that they both aim to heat the deeper layer of the skin (the dermis) in order to effect a “healing response”. This healing response encourages increased collagen production and remodeling of existing collagen. Supportive underlying tissues of the skin contract, resulting in a tighter, more uplifted appearance to the skin. (more…)

Last Minute Christmas Gift

If you are looking for an extra special last-minute Christmas gift for the girlfriend, wife, or mother, a gift certificate to a spa, her favorite clothing store, or favorite restaurant is easy, fool proof and sure to impress.  Knocking out your Christmas shopping is a breeze when you choose gift certificates or gift cards to give to the ones you love. It’s as easy as 1 – 2 – 3!
1. Call the place of business and find out your options – ask about the gift certificates/cards, what values are available – how big and how small.  Do they expire? Then make your choices accordingly
2. Pick up the gift certificate – Most often, you will be presented with the card and an envelope, it will be up to you to make it extra special with a holiday gift bag and a great bow or ribbons. Be sure and  add a holiday touch.
3. Place it under the tree – You’re all set!   Congratulations!  You made an excellent choice and she will love it
Merry Christmas!

Natural Skin Care Tips to Keep Your Skin Looking Beautiful This Fall

Summer has come and gone, bringing about the start of fall and the need for a new natural skin care routine. During the fall season weather changes and the same skin care products you were using during warmer summer months may not be as effective in preventing dry skin and should be replaced. This fall switch to natural skin care products and try creating some of your own with the easy to make recipes below. (more…)

Natural Remedies for Oily and Dry Skin

The two most common problems that women have in regard to their skin is it being either too oily or too dry. Having oily skin often makes your complexion look shiny, it can also lead to acne breakouts. On the other hand, when you have dry skin, it can look scaly and in worst cases lead to cracking. There are various over the counter products to treat these different problems but because skin can be sensitive to many commercial products, you may have greater success using natural home remedies. Using natural ingredients is considered to be safe and effective. If it works for you, make them a part of your daily skin care routine. (more…)

How To Have A Fabulous Faux Summer Tan

By Dawn Mattina
Salon tans are your  best bet
If you want a flawless, professional application and can afford the price, head to a spa or salon. For upward of $60, you can get one of many options: Full body exfoliation and professional application of self-tanner, airbrush bronzing (where an aesthetician sprays a fine mist of tanner over your entire body), or your least expensive option: spray tanning. You can step into a booth and get sprayed on all sides for about $20 a session or more. (more…)

10 Valentine Spa Tips For Couples How to Best Enjoy the Gift of Spa with your Valentine

Today, an increasing number of couples are looking at spas as the new event for spending quality time together.The double treatment room has become a standard feature at spas around the world.  As the spa becomes an accepted and desired refuge for quality “us” time, resort spas are ramping up the romance in time for Valentine’s Day. (more…)

How to Have Polished & Defined Eyebrows

By Dawn Mattina

Our eyebrows are very important facial features. Eyebrows give us expression, and frame the face.  They also assist the lashes to help protect our eyes from dust and dirt. They can be beautiful and expressive…or they can be too heavy and lifeless. Many tend to ignore proper grooming and upkeep of the eyebrows, but when properly cared for…they can light up the face and make a world of difference in the way we look.  (more…)

Drying Hair in Winter Time

There is no way out in winter time. So you start using a hair dryer. And hair suffers. What should be done to help?
Hair does not like high temperatures. Do not try out any super hair driers then. Under the influence of hot air the shells of a hair go up and the natural mist goes out of it. As a result, hair becomes dry, loses its gloss and it is unpleasant to touch. If you need to dry your hair quickly, firstly massage a moistening conditioner into it. Very good are so-called thermo-conditioning balms: if you put some onto the wet hair, it should protect hair from the hot air influence. Modern hair driers have “friendly” functions which allow their users to dry hair with warm and even cool stream of air. (more…)

J.Réaux Salon

By Melody Worsham

The small community of Woolmarket is growing, and the need for local businesses is keeping up with the pace. Since Hurricane Katrina, Woolmarket has been the choice of many Coast residents who decided to move a little farther north. Astute Gulf Coast business owners are seeing the potential to serve these new residents. This is where Jeannine Réaux has opened her new salon. J.Réaux (pronounced RAY-oh) opened its doors at the beginning of October. Jeannine said that a lot happened to her after the 2005 hurricane. Before Katrina, she owned a salon in downtown D’Iberville, the Innovation Station located off of Gorenflo Road and Rodriguez. She had taken over the building where her father, Gilbert Réaux, had a barber shop for years. “I guess I’m following the family tradition,” Jeannine said. She is the third generation of hair-care specialists in the family after her father and great uncles. “My father was a barber for 43 years,” she said.
After Katrina, Jeannine went on to perfect her talents at Barnette’s Avada Day Spa, an upscale and popular salon in Ridgeland, just outside of Jackson. Upon her return to the coast in 2007, she began working at Cox’s Barbershop in north Ocean Springs. She recalls the first time a man requested a traditional flat top hair cut. She was carefully taking off the length a little at a time so as not to make a mistake, when one of the seasoned barbers, Robert Murphy, “took off about an inch straight out the middle of the man’s head.” Jeannine said he then told her to even out the rest of the hair on the man’s head to match the cut he just made. “ And that’s how I learned to do a flat top”, she said smiling. (more…)

Antonian Hair, Skin & Nails A Celebration of 14 Years of Service

By: Nancy Baker Faul
Anna Marie Sukmann is passionate about all things beautiful. She and her family have made a lifelong dream come true by doing what they love. Anna’s daughter, Ann Marie has a degree in Marketing and Management from Ole Miss that helps the business keep right on track in these tough economic times. Also, daughter Angela Heise has a Masters Degree in Education from William Carey University and teaches Art at St. Martin High School when she isn’t busy at the salon doing nails. Still another daughter, Mary Stokus moved to Orlando, Florida when her talents landed her a position as Director of Education for the United States for Tammy Taylor Nails. Owner, Anna Marie, holds a degree in Education & Psychology from the University of Southern Mississippi. Antonian is a bevy of educated ladies, using their special talents to make the world a little more beautiful.
Located at 14451 Dedeaux Road the October 1996 opening of Antonian Hair, Skin & Nails brought the family together in a place they call their second home. Prices have always been very reasonable and still are 14 years later. Many things have changed over the years but “all for the better”, says Anna. “We’ve hit a few economic rough patches but we’ve always kept our prices low and our focus is on the artistry of what we do. We were open only two weeks after Katrina and we were so thankful and busy! Our clients are number one with us, and no matter what life has thrown at us we stay true to our commitment to bring the best products to our clients.” Redkin is the choice for hair and Tammy Taylor products for nails. (more…)

Wearing White After Labor Day & Other Fashion Advice

In the past, fashion experts warned against wearing white after Labor Day. Today, winter white and other off-white shades are extremely popular as fall and winter fashion staples. Not wearing white after Labor Day no longer applies, in fact there are no fashion rules anymore! Just for fun, this is the list of the top ten fashion myths.
Myth 1 – You can’t wear sandals after Labor Day. Reality: You can wear sandals fashionably any time of year, as long as the weather is appropriate for them.
Myth 2 – You should wear suede shoes in the fall and winter. Reality: Yes, suede shoes are very attractive with Fall and Winter fashions, but wearing a fine light Nubuck shoe is great any time of year. (more…)

Today’s Best New Beauty Find, Moroccanoil

Moroccanoil is a miracle serum that transforms hair. It is the new beauty buzz word that is on everyone’s lips. It is the # l beauty product that is written about in every high fashion magazine, and has been the topic of conversation on many morning television programs. If you haven’t tried it yet…now’s the time.
Moroccanoil is available only at salons and spas. There are many imitations on the market, but only genuine Moroccanoil assures you of purity and the very best product. (more…)