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Mississippi Gulf Coast Charter Boat Captain’s Deep Sea Fishing Challenge 2014

imageThere’s just no way to explain the adrenaline rush you get when you hook into a monster, salt water behemoth that outweighs you by a hundred or more pounds! Picture yourself on the stern of a beautiful boat, the warm gulf breezes blowing, an ice cold drink by your side and a sturdy rod and reel in your hand. Now see yourself cashing a check for $5000. The two daydreams go hand-n-hand with the Mississippi Gulf Coast Charter Boat Captain’s Deep Sea Fishing Challenge 2014 beginning July 11th and running through August 17th. (more…)

Upward Sports

020114.gtp14bHave you been trying in vain to get your kids up off the couch to get more exercise? Do you want them to be lifted up in their confidence and spirit? Wish their self-esteem could be up more than down? Maybe you just want them to look up to something bigger than themselves for a change. (more…)

Behind The Scenes With The Mississippi Surge

38293Our beloved Mississippi Surge hockey team is hard at work preparing for their fifth season which will begin on Friday, October 25th right here at home against the Louisiana IceGators. Head Coach, Jeff Bes, works around the clock to train his team and keep them in top physical condition for the incredibly demanding schedule that lies ahead. This sport requires Herculean strength, lightening quick reflexes, and speeds up to 20 MPH on the ice. The men of the Mississippi Surge are consummate athletes, fiercely dedicated to their sport and to one another. The season consists of 56 games, 28 games are at home and the rest are played out of town. (more…)


On the evening of May 5th at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey, Alan “The Talent” Belcher will fight Brazilian middleweight, Rousimar “Toquinho” Palhares. It will be LIVE on FOX, and is expected to have over 15 million viewers. This is only the third FOX card that the UFC has done. Coast fans will be bursting at the seams with pride as their favorite son, Belcher, will undoubtedly annihilate this very worthy opponent. Palhares is known for his wrenching leg locks, knee bars and toe holds. Belcher commands his own arsenal of weapons, as well as standing head and shoulders above Palhares. (more…)

Mississippi Surge Hockey

The Mississippi Surge is heading into the meat of its season with 17 of its 28 home games this season in the 2012 portion of the schedule. But there have already been some tremendous accomplishments in the first thrid of the season.
  After opening the season with three straight road games, the Surge came home and posted consecutive 3-0 shutouts over the Huntsville Havoc, and the newest team in the Southern Professional Hockey League, the Mississippi RiverKings (based in Southaven, in north Mississippi). Nick Eno was the goaltender who recorded the back-to-back shutouts. 
On December 17th, the Surge held its annual Teddy Bear toss, presented by Teddy Bear Carpet and Restoration. The Surge fans didn’t disappoint the area children who will benefit from the bears that got tossed on the ice. Shawn Skelly of the Surge scored before the game was even five minutes old, starting the fur flying as teddy bears rained down onto the ice from all parts of the Mississippi Coast Coliseum. The Surge collected an estimated 14 hundred teddy bears that have been distributed to various agencies helping area children.  (more…)

Skinny Doesn’t Mean You’re Fit

Remember when a total cholesterol reading of under 200 was the standard for judging cardiovascular health? Today, of course, we know that it’s the components of cholesterol (LDL, HDL, the size of those cholesterol particles, and triglycerides) that are much more predictive of heart health. Well, our understanding of total weight and its effects upon your heart has evolved in similar fashion. It’s not your total weight but the characteristics of that weight—how much is fat and where it’s deposited—that matter most. (more…)