A Pet’s Memory, The First Open Door Pet Crematorium on the Coast

petsmemorylogo2The death of a loved one is an inescapable part of life. Those of us who are completely devoted to our pets, feel the pain and loss as deeply as when a fellow human being passes on. It is a time of confusion, sadness, and often disbelief. It is a time when we need the compassion and caring of others, especially those who truly understand what we are going through. The owners of A Pet’s Memory Pet Funeral Home and Crematory, Linda and Glynn Sumrall, understand. They will provide your beloved companion with ultimate respect and gentle care. You can rest assured that your pet will be given a dignified and personal memorial, that will make you proud as well as help you through the grieving process.
Glynn and Linda are certified crematory operators and certified in Pet Bereavement counseling. Linda holds the highly acclaimed special certification of Training from the APLB (The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement). It is the only organization of it’s kind in America that offers specialized instruction. A Pet’s Memory has been in business for over four years. “We were made aware of the need for this service when we were faced with the death of our own beloved pet, a Golden Retriever named Cindy. It was important to our family that we had a proper and dignified way to say goodbye. We wanted to give her a special thank you for all the years of love and loyalty. It became clear that we needed to also offer these services to fellow pet owners on the Gulf Coast,” Linda said.
A Pet’s Memory is the only on site animal crematory on the Coast. When a pet parent is faced with the loss of an animal, it is important to remember that you have a choice as to where your pet is cared for and who will handle the necessary final arrangements. It is up to you! Be sure and ask your veterinarian how these things will be handled and where will your pet be taken. What you would want for your best friend? Be proactive and ask your veterinarian these important questions and then you decide what will best suit your needs and what you want: Where is my pet going, Where will my pet be in the meantime, When will my pet be returned to me, and Has anyone with your clinic seen the facility. A Pet’s Memory is only a phone call away. “We perform aftercare services for the majority of the veterinarian clinics on the Coast but it is important for pet parents to know what the arrangements are going to be, so ask,” Linda said. As a courtesy, pets can be picked up from ANY veterinarian clinic. People chose cremation for a number of reasons. Some pet owners have nowhere to properly bury their deceased pet. Sometimes a family would be relocating to another city or state. Cremation is a good way to honor their best friend and they can keep their beloved pet with them at all times. The choice also alleviates some of the emotional stress.
Glynn and Linda Sumrall give each and every beloved pet and pet family the most personal and dignified care that begins the moment they are called to service. They carefully and thoroughly make absolutely certain your pet is identified with all necessary information accompanying it to the facility. The animal is never without the ID information and logs are kept with everything documented so there is never any confusion or question as to ownership. There are three crematory units within the facility and each one is constantly monitored and checked for accuracy. “The smallest pet we have cared for was a hummingbird and the largest was a Bull Mastiff who weighed 215 pounds,” Linda said. Same day service is standard. If you call upon A Pet’s Memory to assist with your needs that morning, the cremation will take place that same day and will be ready by 3 p.m. The remains will be returned to you in one of two beautiful urns which is complimentary with the cremation. Prices are based on the weight of the animal and they type of service requested. For example, a pet weighing 4 to 25 lbs for a private cremation would have a fee of $145.00, which includes one urn. Only one animal at a time is placed in a crematory unit. If you would like to change the final resting place of your pet to something more dignified or unique, A Pet’s Memory has lovely up gradable urns. There are several to choose from in ceramic, wood, brass, marble, and onyx.
Pet parents are encouraged to start “pre-need” arrangements to reduce possible financial burdens when the need arises. You may set up an account through the facility and make payments so that when the time comes, everything is taken care of with no additional stress. The down payment is up to the discretion of the pet owner and an important benefit of prearrangement is that you are locked into today’s rates, the price will not increase over time. The fee is based upon the estimated weight of your pet. Cremations are performed Monday through Saturday. Pets can be picked up from any veterinarian clinic or from your residence (additional charges apply). You may also opt to transport your pet directly to A Pet’s Memory yourself.
A private viewing room is available to allow families and loved ones to share a special quiet, private, and dignified time to say goodbye. “Whatever your wishes are for your best friend, we will do our utmost to make it happen. We want to make this difficult time less stressful and help you honor your beloved pet,” Linda said. A free pet memorial page is available on the website. Pet parents are welcome to post pictures and messages.
Caskets range in price from $145.00 to $230.00 depending on the size and style selected. Pet memorial markers are used to identify a pet’s resting place or to serve as a special memorial in one’s garden. They are beautiful cast stone makers and all are manufactured in the U.S.A. You may also choose a custom made marker which come in a variety of finishes with gold embossed lettering. Laser Etched Burial Markers are also available, as well as cremation jewelry. A beautiful tribute blanket is another wonderful way to honor your best friend’s memory. These huge, premium woven cotton blankets are a very special addition to your home or office.
Please join A Pet’s Memory for the Annual Blessing of the Animals Ceremony. Services will be held at the Church of the Redeemer in Biloxi on Saturday, October 18, at 2:00 p.m. This is an extremely popular event, last year over 100 people were in attendance. Come and pay homage to your beloved pet and share in the experience. Also, during the first weekend of December, a memorial tree will be up for sharing happy memories through pictures. Holiday refreshments will be served during this very special Saturday afternoon get together at A Pet’s Memory.
Eventually, we all will have to face the emotional and very difficult moment when our pet is no longer at our side. If you want the very best afterlife care for your precious companion, and you want them to receive that care locally, without being transported far from home, then be sure and contact the fine people at A Pet’s Memory. They are the first open door policy pet death care provider and memorial center for domesticated animals of all kinds on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. For a wealth of information, please check the website @ http://www.apetsmemorycremation.comand LIKE us on facebook, A Pet’s Memory Cremation.